Meet Gwen…

Hi, I’m Gwen – 41 years in the making and still evolving. I find myself here with an awesome husband, two challenging  but amazing teenagers, and one free-spirited 10 year old. Honestly, it’s the scene I always dreamed would come true (minus the laundry). Of course it’s not perfect, but I’m loving this season of life.  In my new stage of motherhood, I am able to carve out more time for writing, repurposing furniture, dabbling in a whole lot of things and occasionally cleaning the house.

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When It Just Seems Hard

Sometimes it seems that  things are only going downhill.  One problem after another arises, and we feel so helpless.  We can’t physically do anything to fix it, and its easy for skepticism and negativity to start surfacing.  Prayer and time spent with God is our...

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There Will Be No Regret With Obedience

Sometimes choices are tough. You stew over which direction to take, and many times it would be simple and comfortable to justify the choice that would suit you best.  But, deep down, you know that is not the decision that would honor God.  I get so caught up in my...

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I’m a dabbler.  If you are a dabbler, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you are not a dabbler,  you probably still know exactly what I’m talking about, but you are rolling your eyes a little.  This is how you know you are a dabbler: 1. You...

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Awesome Summer Reads

It’s officially summer!  We wanted to share some great reads with you.  You deserve to spend some time getting away and into an amazing book.  These are recommendations from other women as well.  We did the homework for you. I have a million books not finished...

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