Meet Gwen…

Hi, I’m Gwen – 41 years in the making and still evolving. I find myself here with an awesome husband, two challenging  but amazing teenagers, and one free-spirited 10 year old. Honestly, it’s the scene I always dreamed would come true (minus the laundry). Of course it’s not perfect, but I’m loving this season of life.  In my new stage of motherhood, I am able to carve out more time for writing, repurposing furniture, dabbling in a whole lot of things and occasionally cleaning the house.

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Don’t Be Offended – Just Trust

This Christmas has been a little more intense.  With intensity and difficulty come clarity and a fresh perspective. We personally had a rough spot this season.  It was brief, but nonetheless hard. It brought Christ right smack into the center of our lives with arms...

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A Sweet Reminder at Christmas

Christmas is my favorite.  It looks like it threw up in my house most years.  Every year we go get our tree at the tree farm the day before Thanksgiving.  They aren’t even open, but I call every year and they let us come early. We have it all to ourselves as we...

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A Happy Fall brings Pumpkin Muffins

Happy Fall!  I wanted to take a moment to share with you a FAST, EASY and SPECTACULAR recipe for moist pumpkin muffins.  I have had these brought to me TWICE in the last few weeks (thank you Rebecca and Diana).  We don’t waste time and share anything we...

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When It Just Seems Hard

Sometimes it seems that  things are only going downhill.  One problem after another arises, and we feel so helpless.  We can’t physically do anything to fix it, and its easy for skepticism and negativity to start surfacing.  Prayer and time spent with God is our...

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