Meet Louise…

Thanks for stopping at our little blog! I’m Louise, and I’m currently in the “taxi” season of child raising, spending lots of time in my car but still loving the teenage years more than the toddler years. I love running, hiking, reading, good coffee (with good friends) and good salsa. I love northern Michigan in the summertime. In addition to time spent with my husband and three children, I also work in fundraising for a women and children’s center.

What I Love Right Now!

Stitch Fix – If you haven’t discovered this personal styling service in a box, it’s so fun. You sign up online for a personal stylist to select 5 items for you (clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry) and you can schedule a “fix” as often as you want. The clothes are cute and fun and different, and mine fit so well! I love it.

15 + 10 =

What He Promises

As someone who has struggled in the past with too much worrying, I resolved this year to try to fight it.  My devotionals and scripture emphasize over and over that worry steals our peace, our enjoyment of the present, and steals our time with God. I knew if I could...

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