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Last year we wanted our daughter to switch schools, and that is the last thing in the world she wanted to do.  So, with a little prodding and a new puppy, we finally convinced her. (Oh, just call it what it was – bribery.)  None of the two practical, experienced, or wise people in our home wanted a dog because they were in fact aware of what would happen approximately three hours after the precious puppy’s arrival.    About 2 hours after our blessed new arrival, everything unravelled.  There was poop!  There was pee!  It looked like the toy department at Petland had thrown up in our family room.

Gone were the days when I was trying to stuff toddler toys in a bin in the corner of the family room, but there were the days I was stuffing dog toys in a bin in the corner of the family room.  IT WAS LIKE HAVING A NEWBORN.  There was no rest or peace.  I waited for nap time and tip toed around when it happened.  I took her for her first walk.  Please note that I took her and not one of the three kids that begged to have her.  She nipped and bit at my neon shoe strings.  She would stop and try to eat those dead dried up worms that couldn’t quite make it across that black hot pavement,  and she would pull at the leash and try to wander away.

The next morning when I was running alone (ALL ALONE), the song, “I Can Only Imagine”, came on.  I usually skip this song because I have heard it 7 million times, but it struck me in a fresh way.  The first  line is, “I can only imagine what it will be like when I walk by your side.”  And, it hit me.  Sometimes, I am like my puppy when it comes to walking with Jesus.  I will nip and bite at Him with my worries and concerns.  I get distracted with things that have absolutely no eternal value.  He will try to draw me in and pull me away to walk with Him, but I will tug at that leash and attempt to go a different direction.

He continues to invest in me and shower me with grace.  I look forward to that day where I can finally meet Him face to face and walk with Him.  But, I want to do that before I’m dead.  I want to be able to walk with Him now.  I want to follow His lead without the questions, doubt, and stopping for things that just don’t count.  I want to walk beside Him like the beautiful, loyal and trusting daughter He created me to be.  It is a continuous journey and process that I wouldn’t want to miss for the world.

Our puppy has turned into a beautiful one year old.  Of course we still have issues and she likes to eat our water hoses, but she has began to walk by my side like the beautiful, regal and strong German Shepherd she was born to be.

Lucy has happily and successfully completed her first year thanks to God, Mrs. Satterfield, awesome friends and our bribe.  Queens helped her all the way.

P.S.  We got Lucy a kitten for her birthday.  I’m not kidding.

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