I couldn’t believe it when my mom showed me a picture of an upholstered chair redone with chalk paint!!  I have been going through the agonizing process of ripping off old fabric and cording and attempting to make something look great.  That didn’t work so well.  Then, when she told me about this, I found two old upholstered chairs for $5 each at a sale.  Since I make my own paint (and sell it :)) I decided I didn’t have much too loose.  It is  AWESOME!!  This went on simply.  I had to use three coats because the fabric really soaks up the paint.  I just distressed it a bit on the wooden frame and waxed them (I make my own wax, but you can buy wax at Lowe’s or Home Depot.)  They are now sitting proudly in my office.   Come over and sit with me, and we’ll have some coffee.

IMG_1472-225x300         IMG_1539-2-225x300



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