We all love those long hot lazy(ish) days of the season. How can you argue with no homework, sleeping in, pool time, fireflies, late night ice cream runs and no solid schedules?  But let’s admit it…there comes a time when the sweat is pouring into your eyes, everyone is “bored” and you have more mosquito bites than hair follicles that a little voice inside you says,


So, here are the top 12 signs I’ve complied that summer is coming to an end. Please feel free to add yours in the comments!

  1.  You consciously “accidently” decide to stop watering your flowers so they can just die already.
  2. Sunscreen is now only applied sporadically…but never before noon and never after three.
  3. Pool towels are no longer washed and dried after each use–instead you just throw those damp things somewhere near the pool bag because you’re just going to be getting them wet again soon.
  4. The sound of flip-flops running through the house is beginning to make your left eyebrow twitch.
  5. You realize you’ve taken 4 showers in one day and you’ll need yet another one before bedtime.
  6. The “family-friendly” version of bug spray you started summer with is not nearly strong enough against the mutant mosquitoes that have surrounded your home and you’ve found yourself searching for the highest DEET content available.
  7. It’s been decided that if the ice cream truck with that hideous chicken-song goes past your yard ONE MORE TIME making your offspring beg for $5 sponge-bob nasty-pops and doesn’t offer you some dark sea-salt caramel chocolate you’re gonna line the road with sharp nails.
  8. When nine o’clock rolls round you look longingly at your bed; you try to smile at the kids’ request to catch firefiles, but on the inside you’re screaming to just let the day end so I can sink into mindless TV oblivion!
  9. You reallyreallyreallyreally want to go more than 24 hours without having to shave any part of your body on the chance you’ll find yourself in a swim suit.
  10. The catalogs with pictures of people in boots, jeans and bulky sweaters are making your mouth water.
  11. It’s time to admit: you’re tired of not knowing what day of the week it is.
  12. You’re all done with the tastes of fresh basil, ripe watermelon and lemonade.  Please, for the love of everything holy, where is the pumpkin spice?

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