Eight days left.  This school year is almost done….we can make it my friends…we can.

I think.
Maybe this will help?

CLICK HERE for our little video attempt to ease you through the last few days of school….



(Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along…but they really aren’t the same without the video:)

Rolling down the road
In my big ‘ol SUV,
My world will soon explode
When the iphone says it’s three;

Pull up to the school
With a latte by my side,
Mentally prepare myself
For the post-school crazy ride.

Hear the bell–School’s out bell–
Shrieking through the air,
Children running to the cars,
Don’t see mine anywhere…
There’s that bell–School’s out bell–
Screaming out my fate,
Kids are free and on the loose
And we are running late!

Thing 2 is MIA
So throw Thing 3 in the back,
‘Cause Thing 1’s late to track practice
He needs his drink and snack!

Deliver sports supplies
Find Thing 2 in the hall,
He tells me he had to take a test
And lost his basketball!

Hear that bell– School’s out bell–
Telling me what to do,
It’s time for Thing 3’s dance practice
But she can only find one shoe…
Hear that bell–School’s out bell–
Why is Thing 1 calling me?
To say he has a meeting in the morning too
Can he be there by six thirty?!

Find the ball in lost and found
With a jacket that we sought,
Try to head out to the car
But now the school doors are all locked.

So we go another route
We exit from the side,
We load the car and then I hear,
“I left my bag inside!”

Hear that bell–School’s out bell–
Back inside we flew,
Then hurry on to dance practice
(We still can’t find the shoe!)
There’s that bell–School’s out bell–
These are the “good old days” I’m told;
If that’s the case I’m glad that I
Like my latte’s ice cold.

Special thanks to the Trap Remix we found on youtube for the crazy music!



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