Sometimes choices are tough. You stew over which direction to take, and many times it would be simple and comfortable to justify the choice that would suit you best.  But, deep down, you know that is not the decision that would honor God. 

I get so caught up in my “now” that life down the road seems blurry and far away. But, as we make decisions, the most important place we look is the future.  Asking questions such as:

1. Will this honor God?

2. Will I have a clear conscience?

3. Will I be glad to say that I made this choice?

4. Am I doing my best to show love and put others first?

Justification can be our worst enemy. It can tear up our relationship with Christ fast.  Sometimes there are things that would not be a huge deal and no one would be impacted, but the Lord wants to see if I will be obedient to Him.  I think He tests us in these areas.  When I do what He asks of me or what He prompts me to do, I notice He speaks to me more.  He gives me more revelation, peace and clarity.  I want that more than anything.

If you have a decision to make, and you know the best answer, I encourage you to step out in faith and trust the One Who has prompted you.  There can’t be regret with obedience.

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