This is so fun (after you get started)!  You are going to tell me thank you and thank you again.  You are welcome.  This is something that can change the way you live.  It is empowering and an incredible act of kindness toward yourself and your family.

I found a blog that discussed a 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge during Lent, but you can do it any time of year. For 40 days, you commit to decluttering one bag of stuff from your home each day.  I am not one of those people in the know.  So, if you already know about this challenge, go finish up grabbing your bag full of junk.

This year Lent began on March 1, so of course I am late. You can be late with me.  You can either catch up to the 40 bags or just forget it.  I know exactly what each of my friends will do;).

So here you go:

  1. Brainstorm areas in your house that you want to declutter.  These are the places that you walk by or see every day that make you a little crazy.  I started today by cleaning out my jewelry. Oh, the crap!
  2. Figure out what you’ll do with your decluttered items.
    1. You can drop stuff off daily or at the end of the challenge (If in Joplin, I recommend Second Chances on 15th.  All donations go toward helping Lafayette House.).
    2. You might bless a friend with something.  It’s ok for you to get rid of good stuff.  If you are not using it, make someone else happy with it.  We don’t have to have tax receipts for everything (don’t tell Chris I said this).
    3. You might just get a bag full of trashy junk – you know what to do with that!
    4. You might get a bag of things you can sell.  If you have the time, and need a little extra cash, hit up EBAY.  It’s a great way to earn a little extra!
    5. Make a plan for what you’ll do with the stuff you declutter so that it doesn’t stay in your home and eventually make its way back into your living space.  DO NOT LET IT BACK IN!!  Everything has a home.  Don’t let it come back to yours!
  3. Join our Declutter Group. We’ll be chatting with others who are doing the same challenge.


In case you were wondering:

Any size or shape of bag/container is okay.  This might be a Target bag, trash bag or storage container.  The sky is the limit!

If this is too overwhelming, declutter 40 things in 40 days – way easier.

If you are worried about not staying motivated, like our facebook page and stay tuned in with us!

You can take a day off.  Just make it up the next day!  You can even work ahead you type A people!

You don’t have to observe Lent to participate.  This is for anyone!

Are you up for the challenge?   Come over to our Facebook page. As soon as you’re in the group, introduce yourself and meet others who are doing the challenge too! Let us know areas that you are going to hit.  Let us help you stay accountable!  We’re going to do some serious decluttering and have fun at the same time!


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