I have two things to say before I start this.

  1.  Projects are stupid.
  2.  Projects are worth it.

I wanted to write this post about painting my oak office white.  As I began searching for before pictures, I realized I was headed all the way back to Valentine’s Day in my photo library.  This means it took me 3 months to complete one itty bitty room.  It wasn’t pleasant, but there was no other option because there was not extra time to be caught.  That is why projects are stupid.  They take a lot of time, and make you feel a little out of sorts while that spot in your house is upside down on it’s head.  It’s okay, because it’s worth it.

I know my father-in-law can’t handle the thought of painting oak.  So, Rex, you are going to have to look away.  I wanted so much to paint my office for YEARS!  My husband didn’t like the thought of it either.  But after several conversations he agreed.  If you live in a house from the eighties or nineties, you are probably going to have the same situation that I faced.  Oak in every room.

To paint the office, I had to sand it lightly first to knock off the shine.


I then filled all of the nail holes with wood filler because if I was going to all of this trouble, I wasn’t about to hang the same things back up on the wall.


I primed and painted with Sherwin Williams paint.

img_7785     img_7787-2

The most horrible part of this project was the bookcase.  My husband made me promise to use oil paint on the bookcase for durability and the look he preferred.  How could I say no?  HE WAS RIGHT!  He likes it when I say that.

After the completed project, I have a place that I am CRAZY about!!  It has become not only my office but the prayer room I always wanted.  I find peace and my place right here in my little nook.  That is what makes any project worth it.  PAINT THE OAK!!   img_1241-2            img_7821

Thank you 36th Street Designs for my perfect sign and Lighting and Locks for my awesome light!


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