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As school is begins, anyone else hear “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” playing in their heads?  I mean, I love my kids as much as the next lady, but this mama needs some structure and a little alone time!  Can anyone else relate out there?!  A trip to the grocery store by myself sounds like a spa day right about now.

A new school years seems like the prefect time for some new resolutions.  The kids are getting a fresh start, new teachers, new friends, new after school activities, so why shouldn’t us mamas get a fresh start as well?  This is an opportune time to dust off your 2017 resolutions and see how you are doing so far and what you might want to tweak.  Hey, you may want to throw the whole thing out and just start fresh!  I have big plans for this 2017-2018 school year.  Here are a few of my New (school) Year’s Resolutions

  1. More time with The Lord.  I want to be learning and growing steadily and I want to be able to see the progress.
  2. Get back into my gym routine.  This girl has been lazy all summer and it’s time to show that stupid treadmill who’s boss!
  3. Be a nicer mom and wife.  The kids going to school helps tremendously with this one!  Wink, wink!
  4. Organize my home.  I’m afraid the “Hoarders” set crew is going to knock on my door any minute.

And Finally, inspired by an instagram post,  I want to have a family verse for the 2017-2018 school year.  I have yet to decide what that will be, but I bet it will be good!

Exciting things happen with a new school year!  What are some of your resolutions and hopes for this new chapter?

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