I just happened to get the best job ever this past fall.  Jenny Hocker (she is a connector like Louise), with The Carlin Team in Joplin introduced me to Rick Benson who is a fabulous contractor.  We met, and he asked me to stage new homes that he was completing.  I was nervous and overwhelmed because the only house I had ever decorated was my own.  I knew what I liked, but I didn’t know how other people felt about what I liked.  But, I got over myself and decided to give it a whirl. I LOVE it.  It is so fun.  Sometimes I get stuck, but that eventually passes.  I just pray.  The best creativity comes from God.  So, Who better to ask for inspiration? 

I wanted to talk today about how thrifty you can be.  It doesn’t cost a lot to make an entire room new.  Here are a few places that have perfect finds and help the budget:

Simply Vintage on 4th St. is a must stop. They converted an old gas station into a little heaven on earth. They are amazing.  Mary Ann and Julissa help me all of the time with ideas and how to implement.  In fact, I wrote a little number on a DIY leather cuff, and Julissa told me how to do it.  They have AWESOME prices and unique items.  They will even go to their magical warehouse and pull out stuff that you are looking for.  They did the console for the tv and the coffee table.  The kitchen table is also from them. 



36th St. Designs by Trevor and Amanda Keller is just plain wonderful!  They build anything, make the signs that make you cry, and put together gorgeous clocks.  To top it off, they will pour you a glass of milk when you go to pick up your treasures. Trevor made the kitchen table. Amanda made this huge sign for the bedroom.  It is the first verse to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

These pictures and a lot more you will see were taken by Drew Kimble with 12Eighty-One: Photography.  You are going to completely be able to tell which ones he took because he is genius.



P.S. Landing by Diane Pine.  This is a great place to get COTTON.  It looks so real.  Besides the cotton, she has unique fun stuff to make every room look gorgeous.  She also does spectacular arrangements.


Ross – if you have been in there, you know it is a place where dreams can come true. They have inexpensive pillows and perfect accents.   I got the sheep skin rug from them.  It was a rectangle, but I cut it to make it look like a sheep skin.

Hobby Lobby – They have great pictures and of course that wonderful coupon. 

Southside Antique Mall on 32nd – They have pieces that will make a statement.  In fact, you will hear those pieces call your name. I got the twig table between the chairs for $24 little dollars.


Kirklands – I have bought a ton from that place.  They have a spin to win app, and you can save a lot using that.  They also have great clearance.  I picked up the chandelier picture for next to nothing.


TARGET – Not in 5 million years would I leave them out!  They are great because you can always return.  I got the gray upholstered charcoal chairs from them as well as the occasional linen chairs you see in the bedroom and family room.  I also got the gray rug at the top and layered it with the sheep skin rug.


I am having a great time!  Share a place you love that has gorgeous items and great prices.

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