And just like that, the season of summer comes to an end.

Yes, I know that according to my calendar the official last day of summer has not yet occurred, but for all intents and purposes….it is finished.

The pools have closed, school has started, Halloween decorations are out in full force, and Labor Day has passed. Adios, steamy humidity….and hello pumpkin spice.
(For anyone wondering if I’m sad about summer ending…THIS POST should explain it.)

Anyway, I love Labor Day—it’s always a fun time for our family. Usually the Dallas cousin contingency comes up and we all meet at the lake (aka “redneck trailer camp” according to sweet Uncle Todd!) to make some last memories in the sun.

Riding in the boat is honestly one of my favorite lake activities. Since my dream to live by the ocean is apparently not coming true this lifetime,  I just take being on the water when I can get it! My middle son has been asking us to boat him out to see the dam. It takes almost an hour each way to get there, so we’ve been kind of sort of ignoring his request for quite some time now.  But…on our last morning there it was so beautiful, and we knew that we were about to put the boat away for the year, so we totally shocked him and said yes. My teenager was anxious to get back to civilization and his friends, so we made an agreement that if he went on the boat ride with us I would schlep him back to town before noon.  I was unable to convince the 9-year old to leave her cousin and their make-believe library game (at the lake??? What???) so the 4 of us hopped in the boat and puttered away.

When the boat is flying, the waves are slapping and the music is blaring there isn’t much room for conversation. As I sat back in my seat and braced myself against my spouse’s “how fast can I go here?” mentality, I looked at my family and just smiled. This was loud peaceful contentment. But then I started thinking…what were THEY thinking?

Do you ever look at other people and make up stories in your head about their lives and what’s going on in their brains? (Please say yes…say it’s not just me!)  Haters can hate….but it’s fun. It’s especially fun when you know them well enough to have a good idea of what they really ARE thinking.  So, as my husband started singing out loud to “Whip It”, I started my internal stories…………


I cannot believe I am stuck on this boat for 2 hours with my parents. What is dad singing? Who is Devo? I’m so mad I lost my own sunglasses at camp.  I’m so mad my mom’s sunglasses look like this and they’re my only choice. Crack that whip what?? This is junk music. I could drive this boat better. I should be driving this boat. I should have my own boat. My music would be so much better. Wonder what my friends are doing? Which ones will I hang out with tonight? Hope we go get ice cream.  Whip it good WHAT?? My parents are so lame.


Crack that whip. I bet I can go faster than this. Wonder how far back my arm will go after my shoulder surgery? I love Devo. Oh-watch those waves…now I can go faster again. Bet I can stretch my arm all the way back. Whip it. I am so much faster than that boat. Bet I can hit those seagulls on the water. Dang. Need more speed. You must whip it. Oh, there’s another bird–bet I can get him. Dang. 


I can’t believe we’re going to the dam. I am the middle kid…the family never chooses my adventure…this is awesome! Get that bird! Dad missed…he should have gone faster. Woah, big waves, hold on. Another bird…missed. Where is the dam anyway? I didn’t know it was so far. This is far. This is taking a long time. I’m hungry. We’ve been gone for a long time-probably 2 hours already. Dad needs a whip? Are we almost there? This is so so far. Hope my dad goes faster. Wish I had food. 

And finally, the poor little girl who got left behind….(one on the left)

I can’t believe my mean family didn’t take me in the boat. I said “no”, but they should know when I change my mind after they leave and come back and get me. I will never have fun again. I will never laugh again. My life is over. Nobody cares and I’m all alone.  Well, there are a lot of people here but I’m kind of alone. If I hide in the closet then I’m sad and alone. But the closet is our pretend library, and there are lots of books, and I need to show this one to my cousin! And it’s so funny! And we can’t stop laughing! And let’s go swimming! And let’s jump off cliffs together! Life is amazing! Life is so good! I love everyone!!!!!!!!!

So this is how I amuse myself when I can’t talk to people. I’m fairly certain I got 94% of those internal dialogs correct–I’m good like that. I pray I’m not alone in this weird time-passer, and that somebody relates to my little game. Happy Labor Day and welcome to the season of fall!




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