Yeah, I know we are all tired.  But, April Fool’s Day is tomorrow.  I have three kids who have it coming.  All year long I am their taxi cab, nurse, maid, chef, psychologist… Tomorrow I  am going to enjoy myself. 

Lucy freaks out if we talk about moving.  The thought of it gets her all worked up.  So, last year, I had my good friend Jenny Hocker, a great realtor,  plant a little text on my phone at the time I knew Lucy would be playing that game she always plays.  Jenny went on and on about getting our house ready to sell.  Lucy had a fit.  Don’t worry, I just played it up for a little bit.

Here are a few easy pranks I am going to share.  You still have plenty of time!!

Put mayonnaise in their toothpaste.

IMG_0674 IMG_0677

Freeze their cereal tonight and serve it tomorrow.


Switch the cereal bags.

Draw a little spider on their toilet paper roll.


Glue the end of the toilet paper roll down so they can’t find the end. 

Put food coloring in their hairspray.  (You need to have a really good sport for this one)


Put Vaseline on their doorknob.

           IMG_0682                           IMG_0686

Sit back and enjoy.

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