This is what each of us found while wandering around blogosphere this week:

Since my spending diet is coming to a close, money is kinda on the brain.  A very smart lady I work with had a genius plan. Maybe everyone else out there knows about it, but I hadn’t heard about it.  It is to save a certain amount of money every week until the end of the year.  Bam – you have money saved up for Christmas.  Now the post I’m sharing shows that this woman started with $1 the first week, and at the end of the year she is saving $52 for that week.  My very smart friend suggested starting with the $52 the first week and working your way down.  I like this better.  Get the worst over with.  Check this out at Life as You Live It.  Christmas Savings!


So….if you’re one of those people who want to find a site where you can lose literally hours of your time because there are so many good heart-touching posts that make you tear up and loudly snort at the same time…..I have the place for you!  I have discovered this great blog called Coffee & Crumbs.  It’s a collaboration between nine moms who share their views and stories and hopes and fears about life, faith, kids and–sometimes–poop.  Check it out.  But don’t blame me if you lose several hours of your life in doing so!!!

Sometimes I wander through sites and writers to find posts that challenge and inspire me to think about new things, or to think about old things in a new way.  But sometimes, I stick to comfort… and sites like (in)courage .  It’s a great place to find daily encouragement and a variety of writing from women of diverse backgrounds.  If you want a quick dose of morning inspiration with your coffee, it’s a great go-to site.

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