Meet Shannon…

Hello! My name is Shannon and I’m happy you stopped by! Twenty years ago I left my family and “city-life” in the South to come to a small town in the midwest with my husband. Three kids and a couple of dogs later I find my life full to the brim… and often overflowing onto my running shoes! I spend my time trying to remember which child to pick up when, gulping coffee, eating icing and working hard to find and follow the path that God has set out before me.

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A Tale of Two Plans

In this world there are two types of people: the planners and the poppers. Some people thrive on having every second of an event (or a day) scheduled and accounted for. They love checking things off of lists, and a perfect day is one in which every item on that list...

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Two Phrases That Should be Outlawed

Maybe it’s because I spent a lovely week bonding with my kids over spring break. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older every day and less tolerant of junk. Maybe it’s because I’m so introspective that I’ve noticed changes I need to...

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My New Acronym….

This week I went to the gym. Before you roll you eyes, take note that I had already dressed for the day (including curling my hair!) so I was simply sitting and reading my Kindle while the 6 kids under my care got their psychotic energy out. I had situated myself in...

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