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Two Sides of Christmas

Today I have had the luxury (not to brag or anything!) or being able to stay home for a few hours and get stuff done. My plan was to get some computer work finished and wrap the gifts that I need to send to friends and family across the country. I loaded all the...

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Diagonal Walkers

Not so long ago I found myself at the mall (aka Dante’s third ring of hades) doing some back to school clothes shopping. As we walked into Children’s Place I turned between some clothes racks and found myself hilariously blocked by a boy.  He...

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The Aftermath of Independence Day

I love the 4th of July!  All the red white and blue, the gathering of friends and family, and–despite our differences–coming together as a country to celebrate what independence really means. In our neighborhood we have the cutest parade: Americana at its...

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Step AWAY From the Computer

  Last night my mother had a huge pop-up window suddenly appear over her entire Facebook screen.  It said (in her highly technical words), “There is something really wrong with some serious stuff on your computer and it’s going to ruin everything if...

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North Texas Storms

All I know is that El Nino is most definitely on Santa’s horribly naughty list. This weather is so very not-ok. Reports are currently showing that there are between 8-11 deaths in North Texas (around Garland) from the storms yesterday….and there are many...

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