No matter how many blogs I read for recipes and decorating and political opinions, the only ones I ever want to share are the ones that encourage me or make me laugh out loud.  A favorite this month that made me laugh out loud is from Jamie, The Very Worst Missionary.  Her post on “You Can Never Have Too Much Sofa” totally rang true with me – it’s only very recently that we got our own house JUST RIGHT so that we all have a place to lounge and sit during family movie nights!  Finally!  This is a very important thing – to know that your family’s togetherness and comfort is way more important than proper decorating.  But my favorite line of hers sums up my own experience at estate sales:  “…picking through the belongings of the recently deceased, usually while their loved ones watch, I feel this massive tension between wanting to be mindful of their loss and hoping for a kick**s deal.”   You might not like all her writing but this post was so funny and true.



I love adoption blogs.  Especially ones that allow me to follow along on the journey with them and relive some of the sweet moments of bringing my daughter home.  One I have followed for years is A Place Called Simplicity.  Linny, the mom, writes with such candidness about her fears and her mountains that I very rarely leave a post without tears in my eyes.  Her family’s faith is stunning–truly.  Right now she is in China meeting her new son. The story is beautiful beyond comprehension.  If you want dose of Godly perspective and some serious inspiration….I suggest you check it out.


adfferentkindabeauty is a fun and inspirational blog spot!  Kate wrote a great post on what defines awesomeness.  She shares, “God in all His creativeness made us unique. And so our personal definition of awesomeness should be likewise.” She encourages us to be ourselves to the core. Kate says, “It’s a different kinda beauty to watch a person living an authentic life just as they were created to be.”  This is a great reminder to be who God created you to be.


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