goal God can support

I just had to share this with you on this Monday morning.  It is from “Audacious” by Beth Moore.  She says,

“We want a goal God can support because what He supports, He brings to pass.  He’ll supply the supernatural strength, the open doors, the opportunities, the abounding grace, His own indwelling Spirit, the incentives, the instructions, the insight and discernment, the divine energy, the people, the partners, the favor and every single miracle necessary to accomplish it.  He’ll kick down obstacles with His own foot, back off enemies with His own elbows, and blow the wind of the Spirit on us with His own breath.  When we get behind the same goal God has for us, we’re going to get all the provision we need because the credit’s preapproved.  That’s no small thing.  That’s what you call a guarantee.

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