Holy Moley!!  It’s Tuesday night and I have nothing planned for dinner and we can’t go out!

(Why can’t we go get our favorite fast and easy food on a psychotically busy weeknight you might ask?  Well…check out this post from Gwen.  It’s her fault.  We are on a spending fast diet to learn the value of money and gratefulness.  Or just making my kids mad because we don’t go by Starbucks or Sonic on the way home for 30 days.)

So I open my fridge.  There’s some chicken…and it’s not even expired!  Score. Rinse and trim it.

Then the pantry.  There are some potatoes….and my kids loooooove baked potatoes….so score again!  But what am I supposed to do with the dang chicken?  My family is about to literally starve to death and all I can find is an almost empty canister of italian bread crumbs and a forgotten box of triscuits!

Enter: inadvertent chicken recipe of the century.

Who knew?  I’ll tell you what though…..that family of mine really went to town on it!  So I am adding the thrown-together recipe to a regular-ish rotation in our dinner schedule.

8 chicken breasts, washed and trimmed

1 stick butter, melted  (yes the real stuff.  Don’t waste your time or life on that margarine crud.)

3/4 c Italian bread crumbs

3 Tbsp flour

1/2 box flavored triscuits smashed to death (I put them in a big zip-lock and crush them with a rolling-pin)

Mix the flour,  triscuit crumbs and bread crumbs together; dip the chicken in the butter and then dredge it in the flour mixture…pushing as many crumbs against the chicken as will stay; lay the chicken breasts in a 9X13 pan ; drizzle remaining butter over the chicken (never ever waste butter); bake at 375 for 40 minutes.

Serve those suckers up with baked potatoes (and butter) and a salad (or not) and you have yourself a Tuesday night dinner to be proud of! I would have taken a picture of the meal….but we really were starving so we ate before we pictured.  However…the chicken was so moist and flavorful. The butter just melted in and around everything and made this golden delicious sauce. Next time I’ll try for a quick snapshot before we dig in.  I’ll bet you can use any flavor of triscuit and it would be good!  Let me know what you try!!



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