Not much going on in the family this week.

I was doing pretty well sticking to the Spending Diet Challenge I’ve followed since January 1. This “diet” primarily means cutting out spending money on anything that’s not a necessity- items that are treats, comforts or conveniences. And I was doing pretty well until yesterday when I completely fell off the wagon. But at the very least, the diet has really opened my eyes – and the kids’ as well – to the many things we buy or spend money on that is frivolous….and that’s been a great lesson for us. It’s brought back to them the reality that some things should be “treats” – and they were getting a little too used to $5 frappucinos whenever they wanted them. But after yesterday’s failings we’re re-committed for 11 more days!

The main news from our family was last weekend’s big event: the twins’ first “Winter Banquet” semi- formal dinner and dance. It was fun to see A get her hair done:


And W wear a tie:


And see the sweet exchanging of flowers with their dates:


And little sister taking it all in (photobomb on the left):


But mostly it was just fun to see all the pretty dresses and awkward moments and sweet moments and nervousness and laughter and fun that’s been part of “first dances” since time began. E and I shared memories with the kids about some of our funny high school experiences. And we sent them off, having promised NOT to sign up as chaperones, and they were gone.

I love seeing them dress up and have fun with their friends. And I appreciate the teachers who gave up their Saturday night to put on the banquet.

But now, back to our quiet week. We need one!

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