Oh, are you ever going to thank me for this one!

There is an app for everything!  Because I only have 20 more shopping days until Christmas (pull yourself together), I need all of the help I can get.  One of our special readers, Kathy Johnson, shared it with me.  It is “The Christmas List”.  On this app:

1. You can list each of the people you are shopping for.

2. It allows you to list gift ideas.

3. You can designate gift ideas as, “Maybe” “Definitely” “Must Have”

4. The app offers a checklist (everyone loves a checklist) as the gift is

a. purchased

b. shipped

c. wrapped

d. received

5. You can list the store from where it was purchased.  (We have friends and family that prefer we shop for the gifts for our kids.  Instead of typing in the store name for these gifts, I type in the person who is purchasing the gift.)

6. It gives you a place under each name to state your budget for that person, and it calculates as you put in each of the purchases you make for that  person.  This is financially genius plus you can make it even steven amongst your kids).

7. It has a passcode you can put just on this app in case you have curious kids.

8. You can share your list through text, email and social media.

9. New groups can be created – I will use this for Birthdays.

10. It archives gifts, so you know what you bought the previous year.


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