It’s February!  It’s the month for celebrating all types of love:  the hearts-and-flowers-and-candy kind, the kiddos’ cupcakes- and-class parties-and-Valentine-boxes kind, the treat-your-friends-to-coffee kind, and the forgive your husband if he rushes in late to give you the last convenience store rose kind.

There’s also the more practical kind of love – the kind that reminds us to take care of ourselves, because women’s hearts are very important things.  The American Heart Association reminds us that it’s Heart Month – and heart disease is the leading cause of death in women.  I have 2 friends who discovered heart problems in their 30s….so take care, ladies!

But here’s the fun stuff:  starting today we have a “Show The Love Giveaway” to thank everyone who’s been so kind and encouraging about our blog!  We have this adorable bracelet from Beljoy:



…and we’ll be drawing a winner from our subscribers’ list on Sunday, February 14 at 6 pm (CT).   So, anyone who’s already signed up for email alerts or who subscribes this week will be entered in the drawing!

Can’t wait to see who wins the bracelet.  And thanks for reading!

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