Penny Pinching

All The Little Bits

I listened as a CEO of a major organization discussed how she had helped save their budget.  She said an employee would say, “It’s only $20,000.”  She replied, “Exactly, it is $20,000. We aren’t going to spend it.”  Bit by bit the...

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Spending Diet Update

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to give you an update on our spending fast (serious diet).  It has been one of the hardest and most hysterical things ever.  To catch you up, our family decided to go on a spending fast (serious spending diet) for the month of January.  You can...

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Spending Fast (more like a diet)

Go big or go home.  That’s right.  Here is the New Year I’m starting a spending fast…right now. The spending fast is new this year for our family.  We aren’t taking the plunge to do an entire year.  We will just be getting our feet wet for the month of January.  And...

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Laundry Whip

I enjoy doing things for myself.  I enjoy saving a bunch of money and making my own detergent.  I have tried powder, detergent and now….the whip!  Whip that laundry into shape.  I just had to say it.   I love this.  It cleans my clothes. It makes me feel like I...

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