On the rare occasion I watch TV, one of my fave shows is Myth Busters.  Maybe it’s because I’ve parented through toddler-hood too many times and am somewhat scarred by the question, “Why? Why why why why whywhywhwywhywhy???”  In life, you see, there are statements and ideas we just simply believe because we’ve heard them so many times. Highly intellectual minds (or small humans who have been overserved at the sugar bar) will stop and question these things before deciding whether or not to simply believe them.

These types of statements and ideas are the ones that super cool syndicated shows try to prove or refute. They address questions such as; Can you really shoot a fish in a barrel and how easy is it? Will a hair dryer dropped in the bath truly electrocute someone? How long does gum actually stay in one’s digestive system?

Well, I don’t have the means, time or patience to actually investigate anything.  What I DO have is some serious sarcastically valid opinions and crazy intellectual prowess gained from interviewing experts (aka: other moms over coffee) that I can use to confirm and dismiss several of the more prevalent ideas from our culture today.

While these may seem professional, they should in no way be substituted for a real professionals advice.  Also, no kids or critters were harmed during these investigations, although some will still probably need therapy later down the line.

Top 10 Myth Busters:

  1. Supposed Truth: There are 60 minutes in every hour.
    Real Truth:  Not always.  While most hours do contain approximately 58-62 minutes, some may differ.  For example: hours spent in happy solitude with a book, watching a favorite Netflix show or sleeping may contain as few as 38 minutes. On the other hand, hours spent exercising, sitting next to a crying baby on a plane or waiting for something wonderful may actually contain as many as 98 minutes.
  2. Supposed Truth: For every uphill stretch of road there is an equal downhill one.
    Real Truth: This is true only when traveling by motorized vehicle. It is all uphill when you are running or on a bike.
  3. Supposed Truth: Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will help you feel healthier and more full.
    Real Truth:
     While that amount of water will make your skin look better and might do cool things to your body, you will still be hungry. You will also have to use the restroom every single place you go.
  4. Supposed Truth: Bathing suits stored over the winter tend to shrink.
    Real Truth: They absolutely do. This may have something to do with the barometric pressure in Rubbermaid storage bins or the effect that house heaters mixed with cold weather outside and the moon being full have on the elastic material. Whatever the scientific reason behind this phenomena might be, consider it a proven fact.
  5. Supposed Truth: Light color clothing attracts dirt more than dark color clothing.
    Real Truth: This one is not entirely true. Our experts agree that the shade of clothing does not actually draw dirt or debris toward it. It seems, in fact that, it is the age or the garment that tends to attract the mess. Clothing that is brand new (or close to) exhibits a magnetic draw with permanently staining subjects such as ketchup, bleach and red wine. The longer the clothing (or shoes) have been owned the less magnetic pull they seem to have.
  6. Supposed Truth: You will see almost 2/3 of the total people you know if you go to Target wearing dirty workout clothes and without makeup.
    Real Truth: Yes, you will. On the other hand, if you appear in Target on a great hair day with a cute outfit and lip gloss on there won’t be a soul you recognize. Not even the cashiers.
  7. Supposed Truth: Putting your hands on your hips, turning your body slightly sideways, pursing your lips and flexing your arms makes you look young and fit in a photograph.
    Real Truth: This works for young and fit people. If you’re no longer in that category (you pick the age) then this pose just makes you look like an older person trying to look young, or like a slightly stressed out middle-aged duck.
  8. Supposed Truth: The minute you sit down to eat/make a phone call, somebody who hasn’t cared about your presence in the last 3 hours will need you immediately.
    Real Truth: Yes they will. It will either be for an emergency beyond comprehension or for something that is suddenly annoying them even though it’s been in that condition for over 71 years.
  9. Supposed Truth: Exceptionally sticky or messy substances are more often spilled on a clean floor than on a dirty one.
    Real Truth: This one is most certainly true. Speculation exists that the act of mopping or vacuuming a floor creates a type of magnetic pull that attracts the molecules in only the most globulous nastiest ickiest materials.
  10. Supposed Truth: Everybody has the ability to replace a roll of toilet paper.
    Real Truth: Although our experts can not explain this phenomena, the answer is still a resounding: NO, they do not.




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