I enjoy doing things for myself.  I enjoy saving a bunch of money and making my own detergent.  I have tried powder, detergent and now….the whip!  Whip that laundry into shape.  I just had to say it.   I love this.  It cleans my clothes. It makes me feel like I contribute to our family and it’s CHEAP!!

This is what you will need besides a little time…


1 cup Borax

1 cup washing soda

1 Bar Fels-Naptha

4 1/2 cups water

I found all of these things in the detergent department at Wal-Mart.

You also need Mason jars, a funnel (optional) and a blender.

The first thing you need to do is grate the bar of soap.  Ebay has grated soap for sale.  Believe me.  I checked.


During the process of grating, you need to get your water HOT in a large pan.  It’s ok for it to reach a boil, but don’t let it stay there too long.  When you are finished grating the soap put it in your hot water and stir.  You need to stay pretty close and make sure you are stirring frequently.  While the soap is melting melting, mix the 1 cup borax and the 1 cup washing soda in a bowl.  When the soap has completely melted, slowly stir in the borax/washing soda mixture.

IMG_4317 IMG_4323

You will need to stir and make certain that all of the granules get dissolved.  You will be able to feel the bottom of your pan with your spoon to make sure there are no granules left behind.  We leave no granule left behind.

Make sure that the white film is not climbing the sides of the pan.  This means you are a good stirrer.

Take it off of the heat and  get ready to divide your mixture between two mason jars.  I use a funnel because I desperately need one.  I also make my own paint in mason jars, so I just happened to have one.

The mixture will not go to the top as you divide evenly.  IMG_4326

Seal those suckers up and turn them upside down.  They will need to sit for 4-5 hours.  Go get something else productive done, or not.


Then, this is the crazy fun part.  You need to get your blender out and take the bottom off.  I had no idea this unscrewed!  You can imagine my blender might just be a little nasty.  This is magical!  Screw the blender bottom onto the mason jar and then put it into the blender.


This will take about 1 minute to whip up. I had to push the spoon in to unclump it a little bit.

Now, you have the finished product!  It looks like mayonnaise.  Make sure you get it labeled and out of the kitchen so it doesn’t end up in deviled eggs.

You only need to use 1 TBSP per load!  For an extra great scent I use the fragrant crystals at Wal-Mart.  They are on the same aisle with the other ingredients.

IMG_4345 IMG_4347

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