I love it

It’s a favorite season for a lot of us, I know. But seriously….the only thing that gets me through summer is knowing that it will end in fall.

Yes, I love boots and sweaters and mums and changing leaves. I adore crisp apples and crisper nights. My heart is happy when I smell bonfires and get to sleep with windows open. But let’s be honest here.  What’s the BEST part of the season?

Pumpkin Spice Flavored EVERYTHING.

And so, because I love this blog and all of our lovely readers, I have decided to make the supreme sacrifice and try a few pumpkin spice flavored favorites out for us. I other words, I have generously done some sampling…just so you don’t have to. And to save you the tragedy of trying something that you THINK will be amazing and turns out not-so-palatable….I’ve made a little list of some PS things you should and shouldn’t try this season.

Only for you, my friends…only for you. You’re welcome.

1. Special K Cereal: 5/10
The flakes were flavored kinda yummy–cinnamon and suc.–but there were these nougat thingys in there that were total fake over-sweet PS flavored. Kinda like long yogurt covered raisins. Not awful….but not worth the PS title.

2. Chobani Flips: 10/10
I love these yogurts anyway…you get to flip yummy crunchy toppings into creamy greek yogurt.  What’s not to adore about that? But this one was full of super good pumpkin yogurt and had roasted pumpkin seeds you could add. PS Perfection. Truly.

3. Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread:  7/10
Not too shabby!  Of course this was made much better freshly toasted with a generous topping of butter, but even by itself it was decent.  A little sweet for my daily taste, but a fun treat.  My kids liked it too.

4. Brach’s Flavored Almonds: 1/10
I like sugar. I might love it. But these were too sweet even for me for a special treat. Several of the girls in my bible study said they liked them, but I think they were just hungry. And I realize that most PS flavor is totally artificial, but these TASTED fake too. My kids did NOT like them.

5. Oreos: 6/10
I wanted to love these. I really did. Last year my mean sister-in-law introduced me to the gingerbread oreos which were ridiculously amazing (as in I might have eaten several whole containers totally by myself. Maybe.). So, I had high hopes for these…but they just weren’t all that great. Not a ton of flavor. My kids however, dug ’em. Especially my 13-year old’s buddy who literally ate an entire row in under 7 minutes. Worth a try, but not as good as the Christmas edition.

6. Lindor Truffles: 12/10
If you’ve never eaten one of these truffles before, then you should stop reading this post IMMEDIATELY and go fix that. They are a tiny ball of heaven plopped into your mouth by the most favored of angels.  And THEN Lindor had to go and add the PS bomb to these things?  Oh my goodness. I got a bag for my sister-in-law for her birthday (to pay her back for those darn Oreos) and by the time I gave it to her there were only 4 left in it! Whoops. Anyway, they aren’t the cheapest chocolate out there…but they are worth it. Totally. Trust me.

7. Coffee Mate Creamer: 6/10
I like the flavor…it’s pumpkin pie-esque. However, I was expecting a Starbuck’s type taste and it didn’t have that at all. My bible study girls enjoy it…and it’s really not a bad addition to a special mug of coffee every now and then. Again, worth the try.

8. Cafe Escapes Keurig Pod: 9/10
Yeah. I like these.The only reason I didn’t give them a 10 is that I’m a little annoyed that something I can so easily make in my Keurig has calories like this! I’m used to plain ‘ol coffee or tea, and this is a frighteningly easy and enjoyable way to ruin every meal of the day! If you have more willpower than I do, buy these. They’re quite yummy.

9. PSL from Starbucks: 10/10
How could I not include this? It’s the mother of all PS fall fun! Seriously….I could just sit and smell this sucker all day long and be happy. But the taste is so beautiful as well–just a darn fabulous combination. Again, I really want to hate this drink. It’s overpriced, overly artificially flavored, full of empty calories and tooth-rotting capabilities and so dang cliche…but it’s just plain good. Truth.

10. Charmin: 10/10
Imagine the soothing scent of cinnamon and pumpkin while….
Actually, please don’t imagine that.
I heard a rumor this existed but I looked all over this town and couldn’t find it. So, truth is I haven’t tried it. Does it really exist? I am not sure, but I’d like to think it did. Would I try it? Let me think on that a bit. Let me ponder while drinking a PS coffee and eating a Lindor truffle…or another…or another….



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