I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with a sweet lady. We have been working on her house, and this woman is a walking talking Pinterest. She has tips for everything!

One of my favorite tips she gave was about picture hanging when there are two hangers on the back of your art. I hate those. I love hanging the pictures that have that one simple hanger, or better yet, just give me a canvas. I can hang that light sucker in no time.

This is what you do if you come across a two hanger picture. I took pictures while Jana explained.

1. Take painters tape and put it across the back where the hangers are.


2. Mark the center of the hangers.


3.  Put the tape on the wall where you want the picture. Use a level if you are particular like Jana. She likes to follow me around with one of those because she knows I just prefer to hammer a bunch of holes in the wall until I get it right.


4. When you have your spot, hammer in your nails, and then hang the picture.


5. Pull out that level, and level away!

Oh, the simple things…

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