Bruschetta Casserole

So maybe you’re an amazing gardener and your kitchen is bursting with fresh fabulous tomatoes. Or…maybe your tomato plants look as pitiful as mine and you’re just craving all those yummy summer tomatoes so you buy waaaaay too many at the...

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Biscuits and Gravy Recipe from a Southern Belle

FYI:  Our site is acting up and not showing the step by step pictures.  If you want those, you can see them on the email that is sent out to subscribers.  If you aren’t a subscriber, it is so easy.  Just put in your email and confirm you want to subscribe to our...

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Slow Cooker Sneaky Chicken

Friday’s here! Or Monday. Or Saturday. Or Thursday. Actually….the way life is nowadays there don’t seem to be any non-busy days left. Ever. And it seems like somebody needs eat everyday too!  Geesh! What is it with these people?!?! And if your life...

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