Paint the Oak DIY project

I have two things to say before I start this.  Projects are stupid.  Projects are worth it. I wanted to write this post about painting my oak office white.  As I began searching for before pictures, I realized I was headed all the way back to Valentine’s Day in...

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How To Hang A Picture With Two Hangers On The Back

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with a sweet lady. We have been working on her house, and this woman is a walking talking Pinterest. She has tips for everything! One of my favorite tips she gave was about picture hanging when there are two hangers on the...

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$3 Wal-Mart find!

I know I am not alone.  Walmart is not my favorite.  But, I had to go because Lucy likes their potato salad, and we promised her potato salad if she played aggressively at the basketball game (we are getting old and tired and are reverting back to bribery).  Anyway,...

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