Give me a landmark.  Don’t try that north, south, east west with me.  I’m simply directionally challenged.

I drive myself to Downstream one time a year to help with the Lafayette House event.  Every year, Chris and I go through the conversation about how to get there.  This year, I decided I was going to put my big girl pants on and just figure it out.  Well, I got there by myself.  It was fine.  The problem was, I wasn’t supposed to be there until the following day.  I was so mad that I had lost precious time.  I pulled out and headed home thinking about everything I could have gotten done, and everything I was going to get done.  About 2 minutes into driving home, I saw a sign that gave me the mileage to Miami, Afton and Tulsa.  I wasn’t headed home.  I was on my way to Tulsa.

I would have turned around in the median, but they have the big concrete barriers in the way.  I was completely stuck going in the opposite direction of home.

Lately in life, crazy wonderful things have been happening in my relationship with Christ.  I can’t get enough.  I am so excited about this journey, but I feel a little lost – directionally challenged.  I want CLEAR instruction.  I want a landmark and for someone to tell my exactly how to do it.  I want them to interpret these feelings.  I ask a lot of questions and I try to gain knowledge from other people and their experiences.

As I was driving to Tulsa by accident, I began praying.  “I know there is some point to all of this, because I know You don’t waste anything – especially time.”  I waited and waited for a response.  I was all fidgety and waiting for some great revelation. On I drove, and if you live around here, you know the scenery isn’t that great on the turnpike.

I got to Miami, and I of course had to get gas because I was pretty close to empty when I had left for Downstream.  I got back on the turnpike after I paid the toll a second time and continued my ride in silence.  “Please don’t waste this time, Lord.  Show me something.”  Nothing.

Nearly  two miles from home it hit me.  I had been relying on previous conversations with Chris on how to get home.  Why did I not use MY gps in MY car.  Why did I not pull up the google map on MY phone.  I had the equipment all along to get where I needed.

I knew He would give me something.

That is what I do too much in real life.  I ask around and want to see what others are experiencing and what God is doing in their lives.  Why?  I love hearing about what is going on in their lives, but my relationship with Christ is very personal.  He is working differently with me.  He is planning different things in my life.  Why would I not ask Him – my GPS, my google map.  I have the equipment to get the answers I want and need.

I might have to take a few weird trips out of the way and get a little further from my comfort zone, but that is ok.  At least I’m headed in a direction, and I’ll trust Him to get me where I need to be.

The next day I drove to Downstream again to be there for the correct time to help set up for the event.  I put that address in and got there and home with no problems.  I returned the same night but instead of driving there, I drove to friend’s house (that lives in the boonies 2 miles away from Downstream) so a few of us could ride together.  Her husband took us so we wouldn’t have to mess with walking or the hour wait for valet parking.  The ride was fast and hilly and windy unlike the way it is from my house – straight on the interstate.

You see, we are coming from different directions but we all have the same destination plugged into in our gps.  The Lord will get us where we need to go with our own equipment.

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