challennges help change

Change – everyone is doing it, trying it or at least talking about it – especially this time of year.  People are trying to change things from the extra weight they gained from the holidays to the secret attributes of their personalities that deter them from their walk with God.

But what motivates us to change the way we are?  When do we decide to take the first step to victory?  The answer is when we decide we have had enough.  We are sick and tired of what we have become in areas of our lives.  We are fed up with the results of choices we are making. 

Challenges such as daunting insecurity, imposing unbelief, or dangerous pride will sometimes catch us off guard at the strangest moments. But, instead of looking at these challenges as problems, we can begin to look at them as part of God’s solution for us.  The impregnable things we want to overcome are the very things that help us to become the stronger person that we want to be because they inspire change.   They are our weaknesses, so God can be shown when we become victorious.

When I pray and ask God to make me like Him, He always reveals what needs to be modified or completely removed from my life.  He wants me to live a life that spurs others on and makes a difference for eternity.  Change has to happen to me so He can become evident to others.

God will give us exactly we need to change.

He changes us so He can be seen.

He changes us so we can live a life that encourages others.

He changes us so we can love others the way He asked us to.

He changes us because He loves us.

“With Your help I can advance against a troop, with my God I can scale a wall.”  Psalm 18:29

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