Dear Mrs. Clinton;

I want to take a moment to say, “Thank you.” Although you and I may not agree on some of the issues, I have certainly admired your perseverance and diligence through this election. Here’s the thing: you were the first woman to run for President at the head of a major political party. Regardless of any differences in beliefs…that’s big! You’ve broken a barrier that, while often standing translucent in the background, was a wall nonetheless. The amount of support you had shows me, and millions of other Americans, that we would be willing and happy to have a woman lead our country.  For that alone I am grateful, and look forward to the day when that reality occurs.
I want you to know that I’ve prayed for you through this election, and I will continue to do so. My prayer is that you and your family will seek out and find God’s purpose for you, and soften your hearts to follow Him. I believe that God has a specific role and job for every single person He creates: while yours isn’t to be President, He still has something for you. I pray you find it, and find peace. Thank you for being willing to put yourself on the line. Take time with your family to recover and find your new plan.

In Grace,


Dear Mr. Trump;

I want to take a moment to say, “Congratulations.” Although you and I may not agree on every issue, I have certainly admired your perseverance and diligence through this election. Here’s the thing: you didn’t run as a politician, but as an American who wanted to make a change. Your win has shown that democracy works. The media and the polls said it was impossible, yet they were proven wrong over and over again. This country didn’t like the direction it had been going, and the people made a stand. We came out of the woodwork and voted in numbers that haven’t been seen in years–if ever. We showed ourselves and the world that, we–the people, are still in control of our country and that we’re ready to change its’ direction. It’s because of that national desire that you will be our next President. I hope you feel as in awe of that statement as I do!
I want you to know that I’ve been praying for you throughout this election process, and I will continue to do so. My prayer is that you will seek out and find God’s purpose for you, and then soften your heart to follow Him. I believe that you were put in this position and role because God has a specific plan for you through the presidency. Please, sir, take time to listen for that plan. Remember that America chose YOU–not your influence or wealth or power–but YOU. We chose you because we want to change the course of our country, and enough of us believed that you would be the one to lead us in that direction.
Please also remember, Mr. Trump, that the “we” and “us” who elected you President includes every single person who voted. The reality is that even those who didn’t vote for you still care deeply about the future of America, and now you’re representing them. You’re leading ALL of us. I pray you feel the weight of that responsibility on your shoulders every day; that the heaviness bows you over far enough to remind you that you need to raise your head upward to find direction.
So, Mr. President-Elect, congratulations. My family and I will continue praying for you as you step out to lead our country. May you have much success in finding and following the right plan for our America.

In Grace,


Dear America;

This is it. The election of 2016 is over and we are beginning a new era. As a country we have demanded a change and a big one is coming down the tracks. Change is scary–very. I’m sure our forefathers thought that when they decided to split from England. I’m sure they were scared when our country split during the Civil War. Many of us feel that now. Please remember: WE are America. Those of us who voted for Trump, those of us who didn’t–WE are America. I think one thing we can all agree on is that we love our country, and that we want it to be a better place. Well, here is a new “ground zero.” This election result is truly unprecedented. We have a chance to do something new and amazing now, and my prayer is that we move forward and grab the opportunity God has given us. Please, fellow Americans, let’s not waste this pivotal moment. Let’s commit to praying for our new president and leaders and our country. Let’s remember every day that we are ALL citizens of these United States, and not waste one precious second in lamenting “what could have been.” I pray that even those who aren’t happy with the results can celebrate the fact that democracy worked, and still love our country and our system.
We are America. We made a choice. The results are in and we are still moving forward. Let’s stick together in this–because if we do, then I believe that we can be the amazing mighty nation that God wants us to be.

In Grace,

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