6 things you can pray for your family

What I pray affects my life.  It’s for real.  God has amazed me over the last six months with His blessings and grace.  James says you do not receive because you do not ask.  I decided to start asking, and God began answering.  I asked about really ridiculous details of my life that wouldn’t matter to anyone else at all.  They were things between God and I.  I saw Him in such a powerful way as he tended to the small things of my life and a stronger connection was born.

I have become very specific with my prayers.  I write in a prayer journal every single day.  If for some reason I miss, I feel lost.  I can’t stand not to have that time.  I ask my family what they want me to pray for.  I ask for details whether it be things going on at Chris’ work, a meet for Sam, a soccer game for Annabelle or a spelling test for Lucy.  I’m on it like white on rice. 

Of course I could just say these prayers, but writing it down causes me to focus.  My mind doesn’t slip to what we are having for dinner.  Writing it down also will cause me to remember.  When I hit a rough patch, I can simply go back and read about His faithfulness and grace in my very own messy handwriting. Lastly, I am leaving something very special for my kids.  They will look at these journals one day and will see the activity of God in their lives.

I have noticed that my kids have noticed.  They see a difference.  They see Him answering prayer, and they will ask me to pray for them when situations arise.

I am very specific, but there are 6 general prayers I pray over our family.  I know if God will answer the small, He wants to take care of the huge.

1. I pray we will honor Him in all we say, do and think.

2. I pray that He will convict us.  I would love to be my family’s Holy Spirit, but I can’t.  With two teenagers I’m being heard less and less.  I don’t want them to just be convicted when they are being dumb.  I want them to be convicted to do right.  If there is someone sitting alone, I want them to be convicted to go sit with them and be a friend.   If someone needs help, I want them to step in and be Christ to them.  I want them to be so sensitive to what Christ is saying to them and how He is directing them.

3. I pray the Jabez prayer over us.  I know it sounds a little 1995ish, but its 2000 B.C.ish.  “Oh, that you would bless us and enlarge our territory! Let your hand be with us, and keep us from harm so that we will be free from pain.” (1 Chronicles 4:10)

4. I pray that we would love Him with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strength.

5. I pray we will be filled with joy.  Difficulties, circumstances and hormones can wreck havoc on our happiness.  But, I pray that we will be filled with His joy.

6. I pray that we would grow in favor with Him and men.

As I said, I pray a ton of things for them.  I’m trusting their spouses will be something else after the time I have spent on that.  I see God working in our lives, and it makes me ecstatic!  I know I will develop and grow over time.  My prayers will evolve and change with the seasons of our lives.  But, for right now, this is where we are. 

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