Lots of people want to know what God has to say to them specifically about the details of their lives.  Sometimes we would be happy with a general direction.  I have never been spoken to audibly, but the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart, and many times it is at the weirdest times. That is how I know it is Him.  I could not come up with such genius and wisdom when I’m in that place between sleep and awake, running, in the green bean isle at Target or reading a children’s devotion to my daughter. Maybe you can relate?  I have friends who say they have clearly heard from Him in the shower or some other happy place where no one else is demanding their attention.

Prayers have been flying like CRAZY out of my mouth lately.  It’s this whole new world.  I grew up in a pastor’s home, and they talked about praying all the time, and we prayed all of the time. But, somewhere along the line there was a disconnect.  I had in my mind that God was really going to do whatever He wanted to anyway, so my prayers were very wimpy and served little purpose.  On the other hand, my husband has been praying all of our married lives.  He always prays on his way to work – faithfully every morning.  He believes in it, and knows it can change an outcome.  He always says, “If you don’t ask, why should God give it to you?”  He has been carrying this family for 20 years.

I read Circle Maker and was totally inspired to seriously begin praying.  What did I have to lose?  I began a prayer journal.  I would simply “talk” with God.  I would ask Him for very specific things, and He began answering left and right.  He has helped my daughter transition into a new school beautifully, He has helped my dad with a health issue, I sold my parents’ home in 30 days without a realtor.  I know they seem like tiny things, but they are big deals in my life.  He has been so good,  that I talked with my husband about it.  I was worried – almost feeling guilty that things were going to good.  What?!?  God is answering too many of my prayers?  He said that was ridiculous (I like the way he says things).

Two hours later, my daughter and I were doing a devotion from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling.  Let me give you a little portion, “This is a time of plenty in your life.  Your cup overflows with blessings.  Enjoy this time – it is My gift to you.  Don’t feel guilty when everything is going well.  Don’t turn away from My blessings because you think you don’t deserve to be so blessed.  That is nonsense.  The truth is no one deserves anything from me.  Instead of trying to work for My blessings, I want you to receive them thankfully.  I give you good gifts becasue I love to see your joy wehn you recieve them.  So open your hands and your heart, and accept My blessings gratefully.  This brings Joy to you and to Me!”

OK, wow!  Got that one loud and clear during my daughter’s devotion at 9:00 pm when I really just wanted to go watch tv.

God speaks.  We just have to be open to what He says and available to hear when He wants to reveal it to us.  He is full of surprises, wisdom, and answers when we least expect it.  I love that about Him.

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