And the year races on.  Many resolutions for New Year’s have long been thrown to the curb.  But, spring is in the air, the weather is taking a turn for the better, and worst of all, the department stores have pulled out the swim suits. So maybe, just maybe we can revive some of those great thoughts that were not quite carried out.  Maybe one of them being:

“I’m going to start running (maybe to the mailbox).”

“I’m going to start running again.”

“I am going to run a 5k.”  The Color Run 2016 World Tour  (so fun!!)  They have these 5ks all over the country.  If you want to do the Color Run in Tulsa on April 9th, here is a coupon code for $10 off:  TULSA10OFFSAS.

“I’m going to run a half marathon.” 

“I’m going to run a marathon.” 

If any of these ring a bell with you, you are in good company.  I want to help a sister out, so I went to people who RUN (like really run and like it and are good at it).  I thought I would do just one post, but they all had too much good stuff to say.  I didn’t want to cram it in one article.  I’ll start with this dynamic duo and send more posts on running your way.

The dynamic duo (who also own 36th Street Designs) are Amanda and Trevor Keller.  They do most everything together which includes running.  They started running six years ago. 


Trevor went from smoking and having a drink every night after the kids went to bed to walking the neighborhood and then trying to run.  Trevor said he thought he was going to die his first half-mile run.  But, he didn’t, and he did the same thing the next night.  He hasn’t stopped since.  He hasn’t smoked for five years and hasn’t had fast food for four years (Wow!).  He has lost 50 pounds (that is like losing a kindergartener).   

   IMG_0223                                                    IMG_0215

Amanda has toned up a ton.  That woman is an ox (in a good and beautiful way).  She is a different person with her healthy lifestyle.  She has become closer to God and does a lot of talking with Him on her runs.  Her son, Evan, began running and they have discovered he is a natural. He is only an 8th grader and has broken the record for the fastest mile at South.  He ran it in 5:02.  Let me give you a little perspective if you have no idea about mile times.  Louis Zamperini’s (the olympian from Unbroken) fastest mile was 4:07.9.


Here are some of their tips and encouragement:

1. Get the proper running shoe.  If you are in the four-state area, The Run Around in Joplin is the place for you.   

2. Run/Walk is the best way to start.

3. Run with a group or a friend and TALK because it builds up the lungs.

4. Run with someone that is faster than you.  It pushes you.

5. Hills are your friends ( I don’t know if I’m going for this one).

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

7. Always remember you are beating everyone else that is sitting on a couch.

8. A 10 or 12 minute mile is the same DISTANCE as a 6 minute mile.

9. Keep a log of every run/walk.  It shows your progress and things you can work on.

10. Post your run on social media.  It’s not bragging.  It’s showing others that it can be done.  You might be inspiring someone else.

11. Follow other runners (not just the fast and elite, but beginners as well) on social media.  Trevor says he enjoys following the beginners more than the fast runners.

12. Remember, the hardest step is out the front door.  Make yourself short goals.  Look ahead to a stop sign or light post and make it your goal.  Once you reach that spot, do it again until you finish.

13. Run against traffic.

14. Purchase a ROAD ID.

They never run without theirs on their wrists. There is also an app you can put on your phone. Then you can pick people you want to notify when you go on a run. They will get a text message and are able to track your location. If you stop moving for 5 minutes (without ending your run) then an alarm sounds on your phone and they get an email. It is a wonderful safety option for runners. 

15. Girls, don’t wear undies! That’s what the liners in your shorts are for. Chaffing is no fun and that is all undies are good for! 🙂 Also, get a good sports bra.  (I can’t believe I just typed this.)

16. In long distance races, it’s ok to walk the water stops. It is really hard to run and drink from a dixie cup if you aren’t carrying your own hydration. Hydration is the key so walk those water stops and get every drop of water you can! 

17. If you are running and come to a stop light, take the opportunity to stretch, your muscles will thank you!! 

18, DO NOT STOP!  Fight through and finish.  You are making yourself a better person.

“Oh, one last thing…You don’t have to run a race to be a runner!  If you are out doing it, you are a runner.”

                                             -Trevor Keller

If you are a runner, share with us some of your tips and inspiration!

The Color Run 2016 World Tour

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